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Capability Statement          


Quality protection for your business, your property...
your livelihood!

Your business requires protection from the hazards which exist in today's world, pitfalls whose financial impact can range into the millions of dollars.

Recognizing that every client is unique and needs customized service, Dynamic Security, Inc. negotiates with each client on an individual basis, ensuring that service is tailored to your needs.  It is through this personal attention that Dynamic has gained a reputation for quality, dependability and integrity.

As leaders in the Contract Security industry, we provide uniformed Security Officers who have been carefully selected and trained to match the customer's requirements.  Whether the emphasis is on perimeter control, patrol or interdiction, we hand pick officers whose skills match the needs of the duty post.

If there are special requirements for your security posts, Dynamic's Elite Services division has the personnel with the background and experience to handle even the toughest environments in both government and private deployments.

The talent represented in Dynamic Security's management spans a broad spectrum including career Contract Security Leaders, representatives from every division of Military Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Law Enforcement.  Each of these Industry Leaders consult with our customer in order to formulate a deployment of Professional Security Officers, customize procedures to fit with your needs and establish firm lines of communication.  We take tremendous pride in our ability to recruit, to train, and to retain quality minded security officers and provide unrivaled service.

Every member of the Dynamic Team is trained to understand that each client is unique, deserves personalized service and expects meticulous attention to duty.  Knowing this, our managers tailor every job to meet and exceed client expectations. 

If your company or organization is presently in search of a Security Provider or someone to handle your Staffing needs,  The Dynamic Team is ready and would appreciate the opportunity to customize a proposal for service just for your company.  If you or someone in your organization would like further information simply click on Sales.

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